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Client: Nancy Niu

Efficient and professional

Lisa is a very professional real estate agent, when I was struggling to find a home, she was very professional in giving me advice and responded within a very short period of time, and within 2 weeks we were all done with the leasing process! That's GREAT!

Nancy Niu

Sept 29, 2021

Client: Fei Li

Professional, Knowledgeable and Outstanding sales skills

Lisa is a very nice lady who is knowledgeable, professional realtor. She did a beautiful home staging on my house, she effectively use outstanding sales skills on selling my home quick and reached to the excellent result. I am happy to recommend her to everyone.

Fei Li

Sept 29, 2021

Client: Kathy Nguyen

Pleasure to work with Lisa

Lisa was a pleasure to work with. She was able to answer all questions/queries with thorough detail. I was grateful that she was very patient and took the time to address any concerns, as my partner and I were first time home buyers. I had a great experience with Lisa.

Kathy Nguyen

Sept 27, 2021

Client: Ruby Song

Knowledgeable & Professional

Lisa gives great support and help with her knowledge to professional advise, as well as a fast response to all requests.

Ruby Song

Sept 22, 2021

Client: Allen Yang

Reliable + Professional

I have been many times with Lisa for buying and renting. She is a very nice and reliable person, give me more suggestions when I buy and rent the properties and she has very good communication skills.

Allen Yang

Sept 21, 2021

Client: Edward Liu

Swift response + Warm hospitality + Very knowledgeable

I was introduced to Lisa by my current agent because I was looking for a property near Waterloo area, where Lisa was very familiar with. I told her that we needed to urgently buy a property for our kid to study in U of W, to avoid the hussle in rental market, and we couldn't afford to travel from Toronto to Waterloo multiple times. Lisa was quick to action and found 6 properties that fitted our needs, and nailed down the schedule for next day. After that we were happy about one property and she was able to represent us to win the offer with right price. I liked her swift response, warm hospitality and very knowledgable to the areas where she served. The entire process was smooth and no pressure.

Edward Liu

Aug 10,2021

Client: Robin Wang

Patient and Knowledgeable

Lisa is the best agent I could ever have. She is patient and knowledgeable and always provides professional information to help me make decisi ons. I would definitely recommend her to friends.

Robin Wang

May 2, 2021

Client: Queenie Qin

Great help + great suggestion

I was looking to by a condo for my daughter who is going into university, and Lisa had been a huge help to us! We live 5 hours away from Guelph and didn't know the area very well. Lisa had been a great help in familiarizing us around the neighborhood and gave great suggestions to us overall! Definitely a pleasure to work with!

Queenie Qin

April 27, 2021

Client: Wendy Kwan

A Professional + Knowledgeable + detail-minded Realtor

Lisa is a very professional agent and she did a great job in selling my condo in three days. She is knowledgeable, detail-minded and provided me with excellent advice. I will undoubtedly recommend her to all my friends and will continue to contact her for my future purchasing or selling of any house. Lisa, keep up your good work.

Wendy Kwan

April 25, 2021

Client: Yuling Zhang

Professional, Experience, Skills and Great Service

With her professional selling experience, skills, and great service, Lisa sold my house very quick with a good price. I really appreciate her help!

Yuling Zhang

April 10, 2021

Client: Rita Barker

Beautiful Home Staging and Excellent selling skills

I couldn't be happier with Lisa's service. I had never been in the role of seller before and she was always available to answer questions and address concerns. Her personality is delightful. The process went so smoothly. The house was beautifully showcased online, sold very quickly, and well above the asking price. Lisa is a consummate professional and I would not hesitate to use her services again.

Rita Barker

April 15, 2021

Client: Jak Li

Knowledgeable & Professionalism & Positive Attitude
Lisa was quick to respond to all of my family's inquiries throughout the purchase and beyond. She works tirelessly at all hours. She set up showings very quickly and accommodated for the quickly changing market during the time when we bought our house. Her knowledge and professionalism in the market are outstanding. She has very high energy and kept a positive attitude throughout our time working together. It was great working with her!

You've helped to buy my property

Jak Li

April 16, 2021

Client: Yi Sun

An Expert of realtor

Lisa is a very professional realtor agent. During our selling house, she gave us lots of useful suggestions and spent lots of time on our house sale. With her hard working, we got very good price for our house. I will recommend her to my friends for the realtor affair.

Yi Sun

April 14, 2021

Client: Ken Po

Good help to get my dream home!

Felt like she genuinely wanted to help me find a good home. And was concerned for me about the market of rising prices Understood the markets of the cities I was moving from and to.

Ken Po

April 14, 2021

Client: Zhenwu Li

Professional and Knowledgeable Realtor

Very professional, patient and able to give good suggestion. Showed and remarked details of the listing. Explained and addressed all of the questions we asked. A very good agent who I would like to be recommended.

-Zhenwu Li
March 24, 2021
Client: Yingcai Dong

Patient and Professional

Lisa is a very patient and professional agent. My friend recommends her to me and she is indeed very good. I will also recommend her to my friend and will consider future collaboration.

- Yingcai Dong

Mar 15, 2021

Client: Nancy Zhang

Great job, Lisa !

Lisa did a great job. She staged the house well and sold it in 3 days with a good price.

- Nancy Zhang

Mar 13, 2021

Client: Paul Barker

Fantastic result

We were totally satisfied with the service Lisa provided. She managed to sell my mother's house quickly and for a fantastic price. Lisa was in contact with us throughout the process and always responded promptly to our many queries. 

- Paul B

 Feb 03, 2021

Client: Peihai Li

Professionalism & Responsiveness

Positive: Professionalism, Responsiveness Lisa Chou in Homelife Power Realty Inc. acted as my agent to buy and sell my apartment. She impressed me with her professional and responsive. She always answers my questions promptly in a professional perspective. She is also informative and efficient. Both the purchasing and selling agreement were completed within 1 week after I decided to buy/sell, with an ideal price. I recommend her to people who want to buy or sell the property in Guelph/Waterloo area.

Peihai Li

Dec 14, 2020

Client: Selina Lyn

Thank you Lisa!

Lisa is a very professional realtor who helped us purchase our first home. We were impressed with Lisa's attention to detail when we described our dream home. In a short amount of time, she found the home that checked all of our boxes. Lisa is a hardworking, resourceful and a personable realtor. She was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. We would recommend her without hesitation to anybody looking to buy or sell!

Selina Lyn

Dec 13, 2020

Client: Michael and Shuping

Accurate marketing plan, Excellent market Strategy and Pleasant cooperation

Our house was successfully sold with an awesome price; as such I would like to express our sincere appreciation to LISA with this letter.

Our house selling process was liked a roller coaster. when it was on the market for a few days, the covid-19 epidemic broke out and the province entered to a state of emergency. Covid-19 caused everyone to scream. It was sold successfully after twists and turns with the unremitting efforts of our real estate agent Lisa Chou. We thank her sincerely.

Lisa who is an experienced, professional and hardworking realtor, her staging team did a great job on our home staging, to make our home with most beautiful presentation. Here I can say that the staging completion by her team is highest level-class, pleasing to our eyes, and lingering.

Lisa does not only sell our house without considering our interest but she did her best to sell it with the best price for us. Our house is in a small town. She went back and forth and worked tirelessly. She attended there for preparation prior to all realtor showings even if she lives an hour away from our home, she used to worked hard and did her best to sell our home. When the market was not good enough during Covid-19 pandemic, we were planning to drop our price to try to sell it quick. Lisa suggested us not to go for price reduction at that moment but she asked us to be patient and relaxed. The result was approved that Lisa was right, she has accurate market knowledge, we got multiple offers and our home was sold at much more than asking price finally. As such, we are very happy and satisfied with such this result.

Lisa and we worked as a team happiness and we worked out all things, such as house cleaning, adjust decorations. Turning lights on and lift all window coverings for getting bright and nice presentation for showings. She always remind us to keep the house in the same way that she prepared for us for showing presentation and fixed small items to give potential buyers with a great impression.

It is said that when the market is hot, house will be certainly sold well, and it will be the same with any economies. Actually, we do not agree completely if there is without Lisa’s professional, knowing market well, great negotiation skills, and judgment of market and control of prices, all these can be indispensable.

Thanks again Lisa!  We are looking forward to working with you in the next real estate businesses!

Micheal & Shuping

Aug 15, 2020

Client: Michael and Nancy

Thank you Lisa! Our awesome agent!
I am writing this email is for what we appreciated Lisa to have done all for us! We must relocate to Montreal for work. We consider three children under the age of six and busy work. We chose Lisa to make selling, buying a house, and moving smoothly. Lisa has been in real estate for 16 years and has about 60-80 real estate properties handled each year. Lisa has extensive knowledge of the Guelph/Kitchener/Waterloo real estate market. Over the years, she has developed the negotiating and marketing skills that are crucial for the industry. We remember that for the first time we had a meeting with her and had not yet signed the letter of authorizationshe had prepared a 20-page market survey. Through her rational and professional market analysis, we learned about the exact market price and the required house renovations and decorations. Lisa and her husband, who is engaged in artistic creation, carefully staged the house for us. They have plenty of decorations and furniture. They make overall staging based on the condition of the house and surrounding environment. Lisa also oversees the house renovation projects. Because of her professional and hard work, our house is particularly outstanding in the market with an attractive and top price. At the time, there were 42 single-detached houses in our home area on the marketIn such a competitive market, our house was sold at full price with unconditional offer after being listed on the first day. Lisa’s accurate market analysis and rounded expertise in staging and in negotiation enables her to provide the best possible experience for her clients. Thanks very much for Lisa! She is so awesome!
Michael and Nancy
Client: John and Debbie


Recently, my wife and I had the good fortune to meet LISA CHOU from HomeLife Realty. After several months of frustration of trying to sell our house through another agent. Now we were able to sell our house in less than 1 week with LISA. She is a high energy, professional sales person who exceeded our expectations. My wife and I will use LISA and HomeLife for all of our future real estate needs.

Client: Ken and Sue


We had never imagined that you would work this hard and be this professional. You listed our house and sold it within two days through an unconditional offer with 99.9% of the asking price. You have exceeded our expectations. You provide the highest level of service and the highest level of real estate knowledge. We thank you with all our heart.

Client: Robert


I've heard from other people that you were a high class agent, and I also saw many of your signs. Based on this, I decided to go for you as our agent for both buying and selling. Within a month, you were able to sell our house at a price which we are very satisfied with and found a perfect house for us as well. We really love the community after we moved in and my family is really happy. Truthfully, you are what others say you are.

Client: Ronnie


My introduction to Lisa was through my neighbor's listing their home with her.  They tried to sell through 2 different avenues.  As soon as they listed with Lisa, it was sold within a matter of weeks.

During this time, I had decided to downsize my home.  I contacted Lisa, being impressed with my neighbor's quick sale.  From my first contact with her, I was again impressed with her professional ways, and her willingness to guide me.  She was very aggressive in showing my house and kept me aware of ALL comments by perspective buyers.         

True to her record of sales, my home had a conditional offer within 2 weeks, and was sold within 29 days.  She was also very instrumental in finding me a new home, and even went to several different cities to make sure she left me as happy as I was in my former home. I was also very happy with the sell / buy prices.

Lisa, I cannot thank you enough for all you did for me.  I very strongly recommend you not just here, but to anyone that will listen. 

Client: Olivia


I had lived in Ottawa prior to moving to Guelph. I found a job in Guelph a half year ago and sold my house in Ottawa. I had very little time to buy a house in Guelph since my house was sold in Ottawa, for if I didn't I would be homeless. LISA was able to quickly and efficiently find me a house that I liked in this short period of time. I'm very satisfied with this house and also her service. She provided me with excellent service, she is a hard worker and sets her clients needs as her priority. Thanks a bunch, Lisa! 

Client: Wendy & Jim


We would like to express our gratitude to LISA for orchestrating the sale of our house.  LISA's professionalism, knowledge and efficiency are Unparalleled, and her assistant's photographs and video tour of our home are the best that we have seen.  From beginning to end, LISA kept us up to date on procedures, the number of interested buyers, and comments on our home…all of which were extremely helpful.  Our house sold in six days, and sold  "condition-less” for more than our asking price!  We couldn't have asked for more.  Many Thanks!

Client: Maria H


The day I was introduced to LISA CHOU I knew I was in good hands. The radiated confidence, competence, insight and resourcefulness and listened to what I was saying. But in the end I listened to what she was saying. LISA is an ultimate energetic hardworking professional, with qualities that she used in selling our house within ten days.

I am grateful to LISA for helping me smoothly through a difficult time, and I gladly recommend her to anybody.

LISA, I wish you and your family a successful future. I know you will make it happen. Thank you for having been a good friend, who was on my side through it all. With admiration and affection.

Client: Glenn and Terri

3, 2, 1 SOLD!!!

LISA has outdone herself in selling our house. LISTED it on Friday, OPEN HOUSE on Saturday and SOLD it on Sunday.
We found Lisa to be very professional, very straightforward and excellent at her job. Her high energy and amazing ability for knowing the market combined with her connections made the sale of our house not only exciting but extremely pleasant. We have sold quite a few houses in the past and we can say without a doubt that we would recommend her to anyone. 
Well done and thank you again LISA.

Client: Ming


LISA thank you very much for your amazing service. Not only was the house sold the same day but with multiple offers!!! It had far exceeded my expectation, and would recommend LISA to everyone I know.

Client: Dave & Elysabeth


Lisa, we're VERY pleased with the way you handled our house sale.  Your professional and thorough approach brought us offers within 2 days of listing, and resulted in an unconditional sale the next day.  Your attention to detail was incredible!  We've already mentioned your name to others who are considering selling.  Many thanks for a pleasing, satisfactory, and fast house sale.

Client: Elisa Tran

Well it's official! To new beginnings...

A big thank you to Lisa Chou for being an awesome realtor! To all my locals, I Highly recommend her you guys!

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